Cardback Suggests: 15% Cashback – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Camera on ICICI and Standard Chartered Credit Cards

Update [June 16, 2013]: The 0% interest and 0 processing EMI scheme has been extended till June 30. Details here.

Update [May 10, 2013]: The 15% cashback scheme is over now, but 0% interest and 0 processing EMI schemes are still being offered by India’s leading banks for Samsung phones all through May. Read this post for details.

Samsung has come up with a phenomenal way to boost the sale of its products in India. Now if you have an ICICI credit card or a Standard Chartered credit card, you can get any one of the following products at a 12-month instant EMI with zero down payment  and zero processing fee :)

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3
  3. Samsung Galaxy Grand
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  5. Samsung Galaxy Camera

Validity: Apr 30, 2013

Locations: All authorized Samsung stores in India, or check Cardback on Android


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70 thoughts on “Cardback Suggests: 15% Cashback – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Camera on ICICI and Standard Chartered Credit Cards

    1. Shubham, that means you don’t need to get your EMI scheme approved by your bank. Just show your ICICI or Standard Chartered credit card to the store staff in a Samsung store and tell them that you want to buy one of these phones and avail this scheme. You’ll get the phone without paying any money on-the-spot and your credit card statement will be charged a monthly EMI for the next 12 months depending on the cost of the phone.

      Zero processing fee means that your bank won’t charge you any extra fee for entering this EMI scheme.

      Hope this helps, and hope you found this post useful :)

    1. Sumit, if you use an ICICI or a Standard Chartered credit card to buy one of these devices and tell the store guy that you want to avail this scheme, you will automatically get 15% cashback in your credit card statement :)

      ICICI and Standard Chartered have joined hands with Samsung for this offer.

    1. No, cashback isn’t cash discount. Cashback refers to the money that is credited to your credit card’s statement as a part of an offer.

      In this case, if you use an ICICI or a Standard Chartered credit card to buy any of the Samsung devices listed above, you will be entitled to a cashback equal to 15% of the cost of the device.

    1. Yes Sunny, as far as we know, you can avail this offer on Flipkart. But we are not sure about other e-commerce websites. Do you have any specific website in mind where you want to make a purchase from?

      Note: For Flipkart, make sure that you have your chosen Samsung device as the *only item* in your cart before proceeding to the payment screen.

  1. it mean I get 15% cash back and 12-month instant EMI with zero down payment and zero processing fee (both offers)

  2. i have already purchased samsung galaxy tab 2 p3110 by icici credit card
    but i don’t now how to pay EMI and after it how can i get my 15% cash back?

    1. Chetan, did you tell the shopkeeper before buying the tablet that you want to avail this offer? Also, when did you buy your tablet? As far as we know, this offer was introduced on Apr 14 and will expire tomorrow.

    1. Sumit, this offer is valid across all ICICI and Standard Chartered credit cards. So from our understanding, you should be able to avail this offer on an ICICI card that’s affiliated to American Express too. However, it might be a good idea to confirm this with ICICI’s customer care before you make your purchase, as this is a special case.

      Btw, this offer expires today. So hurry and all the best! :)

    1. Dharmesh, even though the cashback scheme is over, some 0% interest and zero processing fee EMI schemes are still around. For example, Flipkart is giving zero fee EMIs on Galaxy Grand Duos till May 10th. Are you looking to buy online or offline?

  3. Hi, I have purchased galaxy tab 2 from flipkart with icici credit card on apr 29 and iam sure chosen 12 months emi aswell, but my credit card bill is reflecting 15999 due to be paid by 20th may 2013. How can I resolve this issue. Please suggest

    1. Naresh, you should call ICICI’s customer care immediately and inform them about this. We’re sure they will be able to help you out.

    1. Akeel, this offer expired on Apr 30th, but Flipkart and some offline stores are still giving EMIs for these phones at 0% interest and zero processing fee.

  4. Flipcart and other online stores are giving attractive discount on these products to match up the expired 15% cash back scheme. Take a look.. new models have been added to scheme.
    example.. galaxy S3 is approx 30500/- and after 15% cash back you wud have got it in 26000/- approx when 15 % cash back was valid i.e. before 1st May. Now Flipcart is giving it with 0% interest, 0%processing, on 12 & 6 month EMI, at 0% down payment on same offer and the consolidated price for galaxy s3 it’s offering is 27500/- :-) so, u are just giving 1500/- more compare to 15%cash back offer, still u can save 3500/- on flipcart.
    what say guys.. go for it as new models have been added and most of the credit cards are eligible for the offer.

  5. I can’t get galaxy note 2. By swiping my credit card of standard charterd wht s the prblm

    1. Sachin, we didn’t understand the problem you’re facing. Are you not able to pay using your card, or are you not being able to avail this scheme?

  6. i want to buy samsung grand by using icici credit card in 12 mon emi. is it possible to get a 15% cashback offer.

        1. Then you should be eligible for the cashback. Did you inform the store staff about availing this offer before making the payment? If you did, then you should receive your cashback in your next month’s credit card statement as a credit to your card. That’s how cashback usually works. You can read our FAQs on cashback for more information:

          Also, for specific clarifications regarding your case, you should talk to StanChart’s customer care and explain everything in detail to them, because in the end, they are the ones who will be giving you the cashback.

          Please let us know if you have more questions :)

  7. Can we use sbi , axis credit card for 12 month OWN NOW emi on buying galaxy note II ?
    If yes than how the process goes on.?

    1. Yes Richard, you can use an Axis or an SBI card for availing the 12-month EMI scheme. Here’s the list of all the banks who are participating in this offer:

      You just have to inform the store staff that you want to avail this offer before you make the payment.

  8. Please clear my confusion….
    1. I want to buy Galaxy note II on 12 month emi but if i hav balance of 15k in my sbi credit card than can i use these scheme ?

    2. How the transaction will be done?

    1. Since you’re paying by EMI, you should be able to make the transaction even if your card has only 15K credit in it, because your phone’s first EMI won’t exceed 15K for sure :) The full list of banks that are supporting this scheme is here:

      For this process to be completed, please inform the store staff that you want to avail this offer before you make the payment. If there’s any difficulty at the store’s end, then you should talk to your bank’s customer care and explain your problem to them.

      All the best :)

        1. Amit, the no fee EMI offer expired on May 31. You can still buy a tab 2 or tab 3 on an EMI scheme, but you may have to pay a nominal processing fee for that. If you tell us which credit or debit card you use, we should be able to help you with more information.

  9. I got a Samsung Grand on April 30th with the STC credit card. But I have oly the credit card not any other type of (Savings/Current) account with the bank. How & when I will get the cashback.?

    1. Vasanth, the cashback will reflect in your credit card statement itself in the form of a credit given to you by your bank. However, this is assuming that STC stands for Standard Chartered. If you used another bank’s card, please let us know.

  10. Does this scheme zero downpayment means they will not charge the full amount at credit card or they will charge the whole amount at one go.i dnt understand this.incase if my credit limit is 25k n if i use 20k will i still be able to buy kya.

    1. Sania, zero down payment means that you won’t have to pay anything when you buy the phone by entering into an EMI scheme. They won’t charge the whole amount in one go. You will be paying the monthly EMI cost on a monthly basis. When you say that “if you use 20K”, are you referring to the fact that you have already made purchases for 20K using your card this month?

  11. Hi,i wana buy samsung galaxy grand by using ICICI credit card…..will that offer is available now…..

  12. Hi i am purchase Samsung Galaxy Grand on 23rd please tell when come my 15% cash amount.

    1. Ankur, the 15% cashback offer on galaxy grand expired on Apr 30. Which card did you use to pay for your phone? Also, did you inform the store staff about availing this offer before making the payment?

  13. Hi,
    i purchased galaxy tab2 when offer was going on and last date of offer was 30 april 2013, and shopkeeper told me that money will b get back by 15 june. But till now i didnt get my maney back.
    Please tell me reason. Awaiting for your response.

    1. Akansha, assuming that you are talking about the 15% cashback on your tablet, as far as we know, you should get your cashback in the form of a credit to your credit card’s statement on or before July 25. Look out for your card’s this month’s and next month’s statements.

      Also, have you spoken to your bank about this? They should be able to give you precise information about when will the money be credited to your statement, because it is usually the bank who is responsible for giving cashback to their card holders.

      And, if you tell us which credit card you are using and which offer you availed, we might also be able to help you out better :) Let us know.

  14. Hi
    I came to know that offer still valid till 30th june is it true ( to avail cashback / EMI / o% int )

  15. Hi..,

    I bought Samsung note2 on 20th MAY 2013( offer is valid) from SAMSUNG Cafe through HDFC debit card, and sales person told me that money will get back by 15th JULY 2013. But till now 15% cash was not credited in my Account. Please let me know. what is the reason behind it? Even i spoke with HDFC customer care but they replied nothing pending from their end. Please tell me reason. Waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Kranthi. As per the terms and conditions of this offer, the cashback should be credited to your account on or before July 25, 2013. Please refer to this post for more details:

      Also, let us know if you have more questions.

      1. When i am purchasing they mentioned in various ADs, pamplets as ON or before JULY 15th, I want to know whether they extended to July 25th 2013. Th’Q so much for your reply.

        1. Hi Kranthi. When we wrote this blog post, then it was publicly stated that the cashback will be credited to card holders or on before Jul 25, 2013. It might have been extended from Jul 15 to Jul 25, but unfortunately, we don’t have any concrete information to support that. However, if the cashback doesn’t get credited to your account by the end of this month, please let us know and we’ll try to help you out :)

          1. Hi Kranthi. We would suggest that you call up your bank and ask them why the cashback hasn’t been credited to your account till now. Keep your phone’s bill and your card handy while talking to customer care. After you’ve spoken to them, please let us know what they tell you.

  16. hi,

    I spoke with bank ppl but from their end, they didnt receive any kind of such settlements. please help me sir.

    1. Hi Kranthi. In this situation, we would recommend that you file a complaint with Akosha ( These people are specialists in solving problems like the one that you are facing, and should be able to help you out. In case of any further questions, please feel free to write to us at swipe [at] cardback [dot] in.

  17. Hi Kranthi, I have purchased Samsung Galaxy Grand mobile on 21-April-2013,by using the ICICI credit card for 6 months EMI. I am not yet received 15% cash back. I spoked with ICICI customer care, they are saying 15% cash back offer is not valid for 6 Months EMI. At the time of purchasing my mobile sales person told me that 6 months EMI option is there, thats why i bought my mobile by choosing 6 months EMI.

    Please tell me the reason. Awaiting for your response.

    1. Hi Rami. As far as we know, the cashback offer was available only if you went in for a 12-month EMI scheme. We’ve mentioned that in the above post. This was valid till Apr 30. After that, these Samsung phones were available on zero fee 6-month and 12-month EMIs on ICICI credit cards for another 2 months (till Jun 30), but without any cashback (except for Note 2 under special conditions mentioned here:

      Unfortunately, it seems like the salesperson misguided you in this case. Our advice to you would be that while availing any such schemes, you should always clarify the terms and conditions either with your bank (who is liable to credit the money to your account in these cases) or with Cardback.

      Of course, we are always here to help you with any confusions around offers on your credit and debit cards. Feel free to write to us anytime at swipe [at] cardback [dot] if you have any questions.

    1. Hello Mr Sharma,
      To help us answer your question in a better way, can you please give the following information?

      1. Are you using Sbi credit or debit card?
      2. Which type of credit or debit card?

      Once we have the above information, we’ll be able to answer your question in a better way.

  18. Dear Concern,

    I want to know about new offer on icici debit Card holder for galaxy Grand 2. plz explain every term & condition,

    Neeraj Saini

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