Holi offers are Holy this time!

people_celebrate_holiAs Holi is just around the corner, bazaars are bustling with both customary items like such as pichkaris, gulal and gujias, and other discounts and offers specially rolled out for the occasion. Several banks are offering special discounts across categories, ranging from shopping to travel. The best thing is that all these offers will continue throughout the month of March. To make things easier for you, we have prepared a consolidated list of the exciting offerings.


There is good news for those who are packing their bags to go back home this Holi! Kotak Mahindra bank is offering 15% cashback while booking a domestic round-trip flight for one passenger on MakeMyTrip. If you own a HSBC credit or debit card, you can avail a cashback of Rs. 250 on the same booking. While booking a bus ticket on MakeMyTrip, you can avail a 6% cashback on your HDFC debit card and 4% cashback from IndusInd[1] credit or debit card.

If you are planning your journey via train you can avail a 1% cashback in the form of cashback points while booking your tickets on IRCTC through your HDFC debit card.[2]

All ICICI credit and debit card holders will get 10% off on bus tickets while booking through BusPapa.com.[3] You can also avail Rs. 300 off on one way/return domestic flight ticket bookings on Musafir.com.

You can get 10% off on base fares if you book your flights using your SBI credit card and Rs. 600 off on domestic round trip using your IndusInd credit or debit card on GoIndigo. IndusInd credit or debit card holders can get Rs. 500 off on one way domestic flight booking on Flywidus.com.[4]

Not just those you are traveling outside the city, there are reasons for you to be excited if you are traveling within the city. You can get a free ride upto Rs. 75 if you book your Meru cab online via your ICICI credit or debit card.


The Excitement for the Holi shopping season is soaring and this excitement doubles when you see festive offers and discounts on the things you wish to buy. Furthermore, your wardrobe becomes demanding during festivals and banks understand this demand! HDFC bank is offering 5% cashback on minimum spend of Rs. 4000 with your HDFC debit card on Snapdeal.[5] If you hold a Citibank credit card you can avail a 15% off on a minimum purchase of Rs. 2500, while shopping online.[6] IndusInd credit and debit card holders can enjoy a 30% off on minimum purchase of Rs. 1599 on Jabong and Rs. 500 off on a min. purchase of Rs. 1299 on American Swan.

Your look isn’t complete without a pair of eyewear! All Citibank credit and debit card holders can enjoy a 10% off on branded frames, contact lenses & sunglasses at GKB Opticals (Delhi NCR and Mumbai).

If you are parents of young ones, it is time for you to buy toys and baby gear using your ICICI credit or debit card and get a 10% off at FirstCry. You can use your Kotak Mahindra debit card and get a 15% off at the same store.[7]

Big ticket electronic products are on your list; this is the right time to swipe your ICICI debit card at Croma for 10% off on all products.[8] SBI is also offering a 5% cashback for all its credit card holders at any Sony showroom (Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune), on a minimum transaction of Rs. 25000.


Festive season is the time to pamper your parents, relatives and friends with unique gifts. Books remain the best gifts for all age groups. If you ordering books from Crossword, use your HDFC credit card for 5X reward points. Kotak Mahindra debit card holders can enjoy an additional 10% off on books; music; movies and toys at Landmark.[9]

You can send flowers to your loved ones and get 15% off on min. spend of Rs. 700 at FernsNPetals on your Indusind credit card.

The Bombay Store has some real unique gifting options and you can 10% off on all categories of products by simply using your ICICI credit and debit card.

Why not pamper your loved ones with natural-organic products from Natural Mantra. Use your ICICI credit or debit card to get Rs. 250 off on minimum purchase of Rs. 1000.

Another eccentric gift item can be engravings of photo, graphic and/or text is etched on to a wooden plaque. Make your purchase on Engrave and get 20% off on canvas print using your ICICI credit or debit card.

Holiday for yourself!

If this is your “my time” after a while, we recommend you a holiday close to the nature! Youreka, India’s first adventure-based learning organization promises to provide true adventure, unforgettable experiences, and memories of a lifetime. And guess what, you can also get a 20% off on any program you select if you possess a Kotak Mahindra debit card.

Now that you know the offers on your cards, you must go out and splurge this holiday season. And don’t forget to download Cardback if you wish to know all offers running specifically on your cards. Remember, we never take your card number or any other sensitive information!

[1] Not valid on OSRTC; UPSTRC; Luxaria Travels; BSRTC; Punjab Roadways and other state road transport corporation buses; max. cashback Rs. 75

[2] Maximum cashback: Rs. 100 per month

[3] Min. purchase Rs. 500; max. discount Rs. 80

[4] Min. booking of Rs. 12666

[5] The cashback will be in the form of cashback points; maximum cashback: Rs. 500 per month

[6] Except for jewelry; gold; gift vouchers; Casio watches

[7] Min. purchase of Rs. 1500; max. off Rs. 1500

[8] Valid only online

[9] Valid only online

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10 trends for the plastic money (cards) industry in 2015


The plastic card industry is a large, growing, and profitable segment of financial services. Not many had imagined that this would gain the kind of prominence that it did in 2014. We believe that that in 2015, we will see the plastic & digital money sector – credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets – making headway and establishing itself, deep into the lives of people, especially in developing economies like India. As Smartphone penetration increases, mobile payments are becoming popular. Customers are switching their preference from cash to card to online wallets. As customers evolve, so does the industry. We have highlighted nine trends that will shape the cards space in India in 2015.

Towards Cashback, away from Discounts!

Ecommerce has begun generating tremendous interest in Cashback. Both large retailers as well as Ecommerce giants are moving away from the traditional strategy of providing instantaneous discounts to Cashback, as a means of customer acquisition. The government also embraces Cashback as a policy; this has been largely visible in RuPay Cashback and LPG Cashback program. In 2015, we will see Cashback credits going to respective merchant accounts or wallets.

More online offers

In 2014, we saw Ecommerce emerge in a big way; this year will witness several partnerships between Eretailers and payment industry. With touch and feel becoming comparatively less important and consumers shifting to online as a preferred mode of purchasing, we will see more exclusive online offers that the previous year.

Growing focus on reward programs

Customer loyalty is the biggest challenge facing most organizations and brands. Reward programs are being seen as the best way of building customer loyalty. In 2015, we will notice more and more banks and cards offering reward programs to engage with customers and build long-term association with them.

Drop in co-branded cards

In the past two years, most banks have discontinued their co-branded cards with one single merchant. For instance, Citibank terminated their alliance with Jet, thereby suspending the Citibank – Jet Privilege card. We also observed that ICICI bank discontinued close to 25 co-branded cards last year. In 2015, we will see the blooming of merchant aggregation platforms and diminishing of co-branded cards.

EMI schemes on debit cards

EMI schemes have been on a rise to enhance the purchasing power of the customers. EMI on credit card is not new; however, we saw the emergence of EMI schemes on debit card. ICICI Bank announced the launch of EMI facility on debit cards to enable its customers to convert high value transactions into easy instalments. Only those with fixed deposit with the bank can avail this scheme. We will see more banks offering similar facilities to its customers in 2015.

Wallets will become a mainstream payment method

Services like ApplePay and Google Wallet are being embraced by people. In 2015, wallets will gain mainstream adoption. Next-generation and digital payment methods like ApplePay have revolutionized mobile payments. As consumer lifestyles grow ever more connected, Wallets can be seen as the beginning of an “all-digital” future.

Increased number of live credit cards

Until recently the penetration of credit cards and electronic payments was not very evolved in India. Despite a strong population of 1.25 billion, only 18.8 million credit cards existed in the country, with approximately 331 million debit cards till 2014. However, this has been changing. E-commerce boom and more acceptance of plastic money is driving growth in the credit card industry. There has been substantial increase in the number of transactions. In addition to this, banks are continuously churning their portfolio and have been weeding inactive cards on a regular basis. The increasing purchasing power and growing financial awareness will also aid in raising the number of credit cards in India.

Increase in number of airport lounges giving free access on cards

Both MasterCard & Visa have now provided free access at more airport lounges that they did before. According to our observation the free access at airport lounges has increased from under 10 lounges in the country to almost 13 lounges. We have seen a trend of increasing the breath and reducing the depth, i.e. covering more airports and lounges while reducing the number of instances one can use this facility. Furthermore, banks are partnering with specialized cards and companies like Priority Pass designed specifically for this purpose. Thus, in 2015 free access to airport lounges will increase as cardholders will be able to use larger number of facilities.

Increase in independent loyalty programs and cards

Indian marketers are facing a tough time in providing premier customer experience and building customer engagement & retention strategies. Marketers are rewarding shoppers beyond a boring piece of plastic by providing deals, offers, discounts and coupons. Amidst this, marketers from various sectors including retail, travel and hospitality are constantly striving to build loyalty amongst customers. In 2015, independent loyalty programs will come to the forefront and marketers will adopt cost effective and customer friendly loyalty programs.

More complicated terms and conditions

The card issuers, esp. banks, have begun experimenting with the kind of benefits they carve out for their users. The focus of offers and rewards has shifted from ‘users’ to ‘use-cases’. This experimentation has in turn resulted in more clauses and complications in the fine-print. Today’s cardholder is getting a better deal compared to the olden days, but he is unable to either know, or understand how he stands to benefit. This is where Cardback swoops in and helps you, the consumer. The app simplifies all the terms and conditions, and brings the most important data upfront for your consumption. Download the app on your Android phone, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Swipe smart. Save smart :)

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Cardback now supports HSBC & IndusInd Cards

HSBC & IndusInd Cards now in Cardback

Staying true to our promise of bringing for our users all the information on all their cards, we have now added support for all Credit and Debit cards from HSBC Bank and IndusInd Bank. Now see all offers, rewards, cashback schemes and more on your HSBC and IndusInd cards on your phone, at the right time, and the right place.


How do I add these cards?

In the same manner that you add all your other cards in the app.


For Android app




  1. Go to Cardholder – The right most tab on the top.
  2. Tap on Add a Card at the bottom (The button appears on scrolling up, and disappears on scrolling down.)
  3. Tap on ‘Select Issuer’ and select HSBC / IndusInd from the issuers list.


For iPhone app




  1. Go to Cardholder – The right most tab at the bottom.
  2. Tap on the last empty card displaying ‘Add a Card’ (It is the last card in the list.)
  3. Tap on ‘Select Card Issuer’.
  4. Select HSBC / IndusInd from the issuers list.


For Windows Phone app




  1. Go to Add Cards from the landing screen.
  2. Tap on ‘Issuer’ and select HSBC / IndusInd from the issuers list.

Select the rest of card details like card name and affiliation, and you’re done!

Now all offers, rewards and other benefits on your newly added HSBC / IndusInd Bank credit / debit card will automatically start showing up whenever you’re using Smart Pay or Explore. Awesomeness just reached another level!

Let us know via comments or email (swipe@cardback.in) if you face any issues in adding your shiny new card to Cardback.

Swipe smart. Save smart :)

(P.S. Currently works best in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Mumbai, Bangalore. If you’re in any of these cities, download the Cardback app for your smartphone here: go.cardback.in/hsbc-indusind-blog)


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Top 7 Credit Cards for shopping in India


Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.

Online, offline, in the mall, through the eCommerce website, nobody can get enough of shopping. We scour the great World Wide Web, browse through all eCommerce portals, discover new shops, roam around in malls, empty our wallets and fill our homes with clothes and shoes and gadgets from all around the world.

But what if we do not have to empty our wallets? What if our credit cards give us so many benefits that shopping becomes all the more merrier. To help you uncover all these advantages and more, we’re sharing with you the Top Credit Cards in India for shopping (in no particular order).



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What is 2-Factor authentication & why is it needed for online card payments in India?

If you’ve read taxi giant Uber’s blog, you know what this post is about. Recently, Uber was asked to comply with RBI guidelines which state that

Every transaction made with an Indian credit card, no matter how small the amount, is to include two-factor authentication (2FA).

Because of this mandate, Uber has had to let go of their seamless purchase experience in India. With this incident, a lot of questions have arisen around this 2-Factor Authentication, even though its a simple process to understand. Here’s how this works at its very basic.



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